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Port and Marine Terminal

Control and Power Delivery Products for Marine Terminal Applications
Magnetek, a premier provider of innovative power control solutions to the material handling industry, brings that expertise to the control of marine terminals. Our state-of-the-art products, plus our extensive application engineering experience, make Magnetek the ideal complete control system solution for marine terminal applications.

Available Products
Our Mondel AIST Mill Duty Shoe Brakes and Heavy Duty Disc Brakes are designed with high performance, ease of use, reliability and safety in mind. Our advanced design features are ideal for applications requiring reliable braking with minimal maintenance and downtime. 

Magnetek offers a wide range of Hy-Thrust Actuators that can easily fit into your existing brake system. We are also your source to repair or rebuild the existing actuators on your crane brake systems. 

Our new Cable Reels product line is a superior solution to effectively and compactly manage large lengths of cable. They are an ideal power delivery solution for marine terminal applications, including ship-to-shore cranes, port gantry cranes, deck and construction cranes, and hoisting equipment of all types.

Magnetek’s Energy Engineered® IMPULSE® AC Digital Drives offer the latest in advanced technology. The IMPULSE®•G+ open loop vector and IMPULSE®•VG+ closed loop flux vector controls provide unmatched performance, versatility, reliability and safety to meet the demands of your application. 

Magnetek’s high performance IMPULSE® AC Line Regenerative Systems are ideal for adjustable speed applications that include a high demand braking cycle. These industrial grade units take surplus regenerative energy from the motor and return it to the AC power source, reducing total energy consumption and improving energy efficiency.

OmniPulse™ DSD Regenerative Drives provide reliable, energy-efficient DC control of shunt wound motors, while significantly reducing operating and maintenance costs. 

The OmniPulse™ DDC Drives offer microprocessor based, solid state, four-quadrant DC-to-DC control that will improve the performance and reliability of your DC operated marine terminal crane, while minimizing downtime, maintenance expenses and energy costs. 

We offer a complete array of drive diagnostic, monitoring and support tools, including:

Magnetek’s custom engineered Complete Control panels with IMPULSE® and OmniPulse™ controls feature all the components needed to provide complete motor control for crane applications. 

Magnetek’s Marine Terminal I-Beam Festoon Systems are designed for heavy-duty applications operating in a harsh environment, making them perfectly suited for your marine terminal crane. 

As part of a complete control system solution, our Black Max® and Blue Max® motors provide precision motion control and performance. 

Magnetek ’s radio remote controls are the ideal complement for your marine terminal crane as well as on-shore applications, including on-shore gantry cranes, shiploading conveyor or vacuum systems, and material loading onto auto trucks and rail cars.  

All Magnetek Material Handling products are backed with:
  • On-site technical support
  • Emergency control replacement
  • Field start-up service available
  • Complete application and engineering support
  • Factory-certified dynamic performance testing available with every job
  • On-site and in-house training programs

Our highly trained team of service technicians offers superior aftermarket support. We’re always on call – available to you 24/7/365 days per year. Our team is unsurpassed at providing you with service and support – where and when you need it. 

Magnetek is your one-stop-source for cost-effective solutions to upgrade your existing marine terminal crane and manage on-shore applications.

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